Horse Show Management Solutions

Finally, Horse Shows The Easy Way

Centralized Horse Show Management

For Riders & Trainers

A new standard for show logistics

Have you ever had a hard time finding a show in your area?

Forgotten your paperwork at home?

Had to run all over the place finding your draw?

Couldn't find your results online?


Information & Documents


For shows by distance, discipline & association


All the show information in one place


Draws and results

For Show Managers

Association and show managers job made easier

How many files of paperwork do you have to bring to a show?

Wouldn't it be great to have an easy way to plan and promote?

Payments handled for you online and made easier for riders too

Avoid scanning and filing paperwork


Showbills with all information easy to access


Approve, reject and manage entries


Draws, results and photos


Online registration for events and classes reduces paperwork

Transforming horse shows from the inside out

ShowCEO was founded based on a common problem – the inability to easily search and enter into horse shows online, and effectively manage the show all in one place.

The founder, Amanda Borlin, a 15 year competitive equestrian, would experience show entry and management drawbacks at competitions: early morning commute to office to enter, forgetting crucial paperwork or running around to find where the draw is posted. Realizing this was a struggle by others – a solution was put together to make life easier for both rider and show organizers: ShowCEO.

Today ShowCEO includes Amanda and fellow equestrian Heli Connors along with the technical and programming wizards at Alt Media Studios to offer a robust online management system exclusively for horse shows. Our goal is to give riders and horse show organizers an efficient, dependable platform that makes horse shows an easy and enjoyable experience for all.

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